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2nd week of uni, here I come! I’ve almost done the entire reading for the week and my spanish homework so I guess it’ll be okay :)



4x01 - 10x02

Dean meeting Sam after coming back from the dead
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"Achieving success later on in life is probably the greatest gift I could have been given, to have been recognized for what I was recognized for. That’s where luck played a huge role in my career, and I’m very thankful and blessed for that."

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multifandom-madnesss - Hi, I'm Jay! I have a lot of OTPs and I always read in cycles, which is not as weird as it sounds, actually. So I have phases where I read Johnlock, then one where I read Sterek, then Destiel and so on. Anyway, I love spending my evenings reading fanfic, watching tv shows, going to the cinema or meeting friends for great conversations (in RL or on tumblr). I may not be a party girl but I enjoy that time, so who cares :) [this is for your 500 follower celebration - CONGRATS again, dear!!!]

myangelshunter -

Jay you’re so sweet ^_^

A fluffy Destiel ficlet for you, since well, reasons xD

Come celebrate 500 with me!!

"Dean, what is that?"

"It’s pop corn Cas."

"Corn does not pop…" Castiel murmured as he stared in confusion at the fluffy white and yellow puff of starch in the bucket between his hands. Dean was paying for their items, thanking the cashier and carrying their sodas as they left the concession stand. 

"It’s special corn or something." Dean gave a half shrug to Castiel as he searched for their theater room. "Just, give it a try. You can’t say you don’t like something if you’ve never tried it."

"That’s…a pretty sound philosophy.." Castiel noted. He picked up a piece of popcorn, tossing the whole thing into his mouth and chewing carefully. Dean saw the concentration on Castiel’s face, breaking out in a smile as Castiel tried another few pieces. "This is definitely not corn." Castiel murmured. "But it is….tasty. Is it supposed to be so…salty?"

"Yep." Dean said with a nod as he held back a laugh. "The saltier the popcorn, the better. Also we’ve got extra butter on ours because that’s the only way to truly enjoy movie-theater popcorn."

"Are there other types?" Castiel asked. Dean pushed back a door that lead to a dark room and waited for Castiel to step ahead.

"Yea, but none are as good as the kind you get here." Dean admitted. Luckily they still had a few minutes before the movie started, so the room wasn’t completely dark, and they were able to find seats off to the side.

"What exactly are we seeing here again?" Castiel wondered as Dean handed him a soda and took a handful of popcorn.

"I picked something at random," Dean shrugged. "It’s more fun that way. Gotta say though, it’s been a while since I actually paid for tickets."

"How else would you get into the theater?" Castiel wondered.

"Ah, security didn’t use to be so tight," Dean chuckled. "Used to be able to sneak in through a back entrance. See those exit signs down there—" Dean pointed to the edges of the theater screen where EXIT seemed to float in bright green letters. "The doors lead straight outside. Mostly it’s a fire code thing, but I found out the doors are open from the outside too. Every now and then, when Dad was out hunting, I’d sneak me and Sammy in to see a movie. Could never get snacks really, but hey, the shows were always fun."

"I enjoy the stories you tell of your childhood with Sam." Castiel admitted, eating a few more pieces of pop corn. "And, so far…I am enjoying the theater. Although…there’s something stuck to my shoe."

"Nah, the floors are just sticky from spilled soda and candy." Dean grinned. The lights dimmed then, the screen expanded and the true commercials started. Castiel was wide-eyed throughout the whole first ten minutes of previews, finally relaxing a bit when the actual movie started. Dean couldn’t help but sneak a glance at him ever so often; it was comical whenever Castiel watched a film. Some things he would understand, others things just seemed to go over his head. But it was nice whenever Castiel chuckled with the rest of the theater.  

Dean wasn’t sure when, but at some point his arm had wound over the back of Castiel’s chair, and the angel had shifted enough to lean into the crook of Dean’s arm. The popcorn was nested between them, and they finished it easily before the movie was over. Dean turned to glance at Castiel again, only to find him completely pressed against his side, smiling contently at the images on the screen. The smile was contagious.

Dean was definitely going to make a habit of bring Cas here every other week or so.

Thank you, I loved it  Destiel fluff is a wonderful way to start my Monday! 

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wow, the Johnlock oneshot I posted yesterday has gathered 109 Kudos so far and lovely comments. People like it :D Yay!


I would return the slap, if I took you for a man.

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long live the queen ♔

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No, I wouldn’t have done
All the things that I’ve done
If I knew one day you’d come
If I knew one day you’d come

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my alarm goes off in 6,5 hours and I’m still reading fanfic… I’ll at least get off tumblr now - that’s one step towards actually sleeping! 

Goodnight, y’all :)

in the flesh: ↠ favourite characters 

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Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening - Robert Frost